10 Quick Tips for Research

Research is something which is elaborate and comprehensive. Hence you need to be systematic while writing your report. Here are the 10 tips which you should follow to make you research report interesting:

  1. Write a schedule with a series of goals. Put a specific date when it should be accomplished (e.g. find different sources by Dec 20, and finish preliminary research by Dec 20), and then stick to it.
  2. Do an overview of your material, explore your library, select relevant material, read it, take notes, and then put it together.
  3. Start, with Wikipedia, but don’t end with it. Although it is a great place to start your research — you should also spend some time searching for keywords related to your topic, browsing different links you find on each page.
  4. Take notes of any good sources these links recommend. The goal should be to get a good overview of the subject you’re writing about.
  5. Try to get good, solid academic book or essay on your topic and eventually you shall get a list of dozens or hundreds of sources for you. Now, skim through the bibliography and note down important points which you think are relevant to your research.
  6. Have a research question in mind: You need to have a data with you before your thesis emerges from your research. Take out a question from this data which can form the base of your research. Now, you should have a strong question that can help you find an answer to your research.
  7. Deal with one piece at a time. Don’t try to finish everything at one go. Deal with one issue at one point.
  8. Frame a system. You should start your research with a system. There should be an idea of how you plan to collect and organise your notes and data.
  9. Know your resources: Keep a record of your resources, both online and offline.
  10. Ask for help: Try to use human as well as the material resources available to you

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Puneet Chadha
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Puneet Chadha is the first generation entrepreneur and have founded companies like ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd and EMarketz India Pvt Ltd. He is keenly interested in doctorate research assistance, open access journals, digital marketing and web technology. He has mentored over 120 PhD candidates in US and Canada in the last five years. He is a renowned speaker on digital marketing and open access research publishing and has attended 50 workshops on these themes.

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