5 points for editing the literature review chapter

The literature review chapter of your dissertation or proposal provides valuable information to readers. It reflects the quality of references that you have used for research, as well as your ability to interpret the theories proposed by other authors and relate them to your own idea. However, it will be judged positively only when it is error free.

Apart from general elements like spellings, grammar, punctuation and structure, this chapter has some extra factors that need editorial attention. Here are some factors that must be considered while revising and editing the literature review chapter if you want to score high:


Citations must be provided for each and every reference that you include in the chapter. Confirm the style that you need to follow for citing sources. APA, MLA, Harvard, ACS are some commonly used styles. Make sure that you use the same style consistently throughout the chapter, and don’t miss out even a single citation. The names of books/ journals and authors, as well as date of publication must be double checked.


While most of the text will be original, it is advisable to include some quotes from the sources you are referring to. Editors will judge whether these quotes are relevant or not. Quotes must have citations, and the appropriate font. If the quote is given as a separate stanza, then you must also provide indent as required by the formatting style being used. Check the quotation marks, as well as other punctuations in quotes.

Sequence Of References

Decide the method that you will follow for stating references (like alphabetical, chronological, etc.) and stick to it for all sources. While editing, check whether some reference is out of place or included more than once.


Assess the font, positioning and length of headers and sub headers used within the literature review. The sub headers should be used carefully to demarcate the various sub sections.


If you are including a summary at the end of the chapter, it must be in the correct format. Check whether you have stated the name of reference and author, and the ideology/ conclusion that it presents.

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  1. Perfect, valuable for writting, especially for beginers in publishing. I am PhD, but I have used it. I have reccomeded the article to my college biochemist, who is starting with writting.He saw and read the article. Thank yoy for vaulable lession.

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