Choose your words wisely

Choose your words wisely

Writing anything regarding literature entail utmost proficient strings of words that elaborate, define, broadcast and pander to a large group of audience. Any comprehensive writing task can only be accomplished with an utmost proficiency if the words are chosen wisely.

Words at a hindsight are an amazing concept. Utter one right and it can fix everything, utter one wrong, can promptly cause annihilation. But, we are not here about rhetoric, we are here to make writers and research aspirants understand What can make their work stand out from others. At the juncture of research and writing, word deciding factors are not only about being improved or better than others, but also about acceptance. Because wrong words consequently give you the wrong results.

Let’s discuss to certain examples. Suppose we have a man named Samson. Now Samson is no wiser at choosing words. An aspiring and need I say, a brilliant student of psychology, his verbal and practical understanding of skills are excellent but when it comes to writing the assignments, lots left to be desired. So the day of assignment submission he goes online. Searching for the tips that he desires to be a better writer, he finds a certain aspect called the copywriting. Now copywriting is a way where a writer’s entire feeling plethora can realize through the writing.

He then goes on to apply these in his assignments. Needless to say, he flunks that assignment. Why? Because the format was not informative. It felt like a story. The words he used in the assignments might be charming to any outside reader, but for the purpose of the assignment, those were the wrong words. Consequently, his assignment didn’t get accepted.

Going a bit away from the intellectual standpoint, let’s look at the social and emotional paradigm of choosing the words wisely. First, let’s delve into parenthood. A parent’s verbal impact on a child doesn’t only come when the child is directly being addressed. Kids learn by observing. So, how you speak in front of your kids has a great impact too. The wisdom of choosing your phrases comes into a great consideration at that time too.

Let’s talk about rage. It’s this emotional state where your thoughts are least coherent and your mind is most muddled. Every fight starts with some inappropriate word and ends with regret. Maintaining your anger and being coherent enough to think the right words here is of paramount importance.

Word’s have always been a maker and breaker of civilizations. Choose the right ones and moreover, the wise ones.

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Puneet Chadha
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Puneet Chadha is the first generation entrepreneur and have founded companies like ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd and EMarketz India Pvt Ltd. He is keenly interested in doctorate research assistance, open access journals, digital marketing and web technology. He has mentored over 120 PhD candidates in US and Canada in the last five years. He is a renowned speaker on digital marketing and open access research publishing and has attended 50 workshops on these themes.

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