Get your proposal approved before proceeding

Get your proposal approved before proceeding

Get your proposal approved before proceeding

Ever hit with a million-dollar Idea

Scratch that question; ever hit with a million-dollar idea but when it comes to approval you feel kind of stumped.

The human mind is an ocean of creativity. So, every now and then, it regurgitates an idea that’s worth heeding to. Putting forward this idea is the first thing an individual does. The tricky part comes when you desire the approval of that.

Every project, every story, and every task idea first have to go through your superiors before they can be realized from the mind to matter. But over-excitation leads to incoherence which consequently leads to nervousness and this, in turn, gets evident in the proposal put forward. Consequently, rejection happens that halts the dream from fruition. So here are the tips to get your proposal accepted before proceeding.

  1. Style over substance: Though the ideas have substance, but it’s the style that gets you the approval. So, think long and hard before approaching your superiors regarding your proposal. Your initial impression towards counts as penultimate. As it is not easy to counteract. So, buck up, stand straight and give the best version of the idea that you can give.
  2. Get outside look beforehand: Before you go on to present your proposal, exposing it to the outside eyes never hurt. Not only it leads to the idea refinement, but it also acts as an alliance for your proposal to back it up at the time of presentation. Also, the outside eyes act as your audience that you can take feedback from. Consider it as a possible test run before the real deal.
  3. Positioning the ideas: You have to take into consideration as to how to position the ideas. The end consequence of an idea is to pull the audience. So, positioning in accordance to the audiences needs gives way to quick approval. Positioning not only entails the exposure, but also the content. Consider your audience a layman. And a layman only responds to simplicity. Comprehensive proposals are not overly detailed, but they are indeed adequately detailed.
  4. Confident answers: Your presented proposal is sure to cause a reaction. This reaction comes in varied forms, from facial expressions to little unenthusiastic gasps to queries. The question can be different nature, You are a proposer has to try to not get distracted while trying to discern the intentions of the question. Sometimes an off topic question is asked. At that time, you follow the rules of the artful dodger and give the answer to the question you wished you were asked.

Your proposal is now accepted.

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