How Literature Review is Helpful

A literature review is quite helpful as it provides readers with an overview of the ideas, theories, and significant literature that has been already published on the topic chosen by you.

literature-review-template-for-webHence your task in writing the literature review doesn’t get simple and limited to summarise the prior research, but it demands critical review of the research related to your topic. Then only, you will be able to present it in your own perspective on the research in your field. It will also establish your credibility as a scholar. Here are few tips you need to keep in mind while reviewing literature:

  • Rely on opinions of experts and authorities on your topic, but expand on and/or disagree with those same opinions
  • Give credit to researchers coming before you, but highlight your own significant contribution
  • Your review of the literature positions you within the academic conversation in your field.
  • To this end, you should understand basic rules for presenting your ideas.

Credibility of Your Research

Literature review should be well-structured, and your ideas should flow logically from one point to the next. You should establish your credibility with your reader

Include source material and references which you think are essential, current, and relevant to your argument.

Present an unbiased terminology and viewpoints on your topic in a comprehensive manner. You should always remember that if you rely on outside material and citations, you fail to show your own thinking ability.

Try and avoid turning your paper into a laundry list of sources which doesn’t have your own ideas.

Cite materials in accordance to your discipline. Question yourself as to what each citation is contributing to your argument.

Your Audience

You should always consider your audience while writing your review of literature.   You should always keep it in mind that your ideas need to be at the center of your writing.

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