How to Make Your Manuscript Publish-Ready

When you intend to get your research work published in a popular journal or publication, it becomes essential to polish it according to the standards of that publication. Submitting an unedited manuscript to a high impact factor journal may ruin your chances of getting it approved. Here are some pointers that you may consider while editing your work to make it ready for publishing.

Take a break after completing your manuscript

It is critical to make your manuscript free of every single linguistic and formatting error. Even a single mistake could bring down the impression of your entire work. Therefore, make it flawless so even a professional journal editor may not find an error. While you may take professional assistance while editing your manuscript, you must handle the task very carefully if you are doing it on your own. Thus, it is advisable to take a break for a few days after you complete writing your paper. This will give you a fresh and objective perspective when you start editing it.

Correct basic errors and inconsistencies

Start your review by correcting all basic errors of grammar, punctuation, spellings, style, etc. Later, move on to remove inconsistencies in word usage, headers/subheaders, fonts, citations, etc. Make sure to follow the professional style guidelines issued by your chosen journal. Your used formats and linguistic styles must be in synchronization with these guidelines, as no journal accepts any deviation.

Organize your content

When you are done with basic error correction, work on structuring and organizing your ideas and arguments. Keep the entire content interconnected as if it is telling a story. Make your content revolve around the aim of your study. Even if you need to rephrase some content for this, make sure to do it.

Highlight contributions

Work on your content in such a way that it highlights the significance and applications of your study. Additionally, make it crisp, clear and comprehensive for target readers.

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