Know About Peer Review Before You Submit Your Manuscript

Like many PhD students, you might be looking forward to get your manuscript published in a reputed journal. Before you make a submission to your chosen publication, it is also important that you understand the nuances of publishing process. An important aspect that concentrates on the evaluation of your manuscript by a journal is the process of peer review. If you have heard of this term but do not have much idea of it, then check out a few important details we bring to you.

What is peer review?

When you submit your research work for being published in a journal, some independent subject matter experts (SMEs) review it on several parameters. They check the fitment of your paper for the specific journal and its readers. These peer reviewers belong to the same field of research as you do.

What are the parameters for peer review?

Peer review is done to check the quality, relevance, significance and validity of your work. After an initial screening by the editor, SMEs ensure to go into the depths of your language and content. They check your work for its value, as well as its flawlessness. Since peer reviewers have detailed knowledge of your subject area, they also evaluate your facts, reasoning, arguments, contribution to academic area and other content-related issues. Even the linguistic styles and formatting standards compliance is checked by these reviewers.

How does peer review help you?

Peer review not only lets the journal editor decide on the suitability of your paper for their publication, but also helps you receive constructive feedback on the way you can improve your work, if required. If there are any errors of neglect or of literature gap, these are well indicated to you. Peer review also makes your work suitable for the journal readership. While it is better to submit a high-value paper, take the peer review feedback positively if you receive it for any reason.

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