Organise your content for ready to deliver manuscript

Before the delivery of manuscript, one has to perform the Herculean task of organising the content properly to make it reader-friendly. The American Journal of Critical Care has also set certain guidelines to summarise the responsibilities of reviewers. These guidelines identify areas that help gain reviewers’ attention, and suggest a few dos and don’ts to the reviewers. The first and the foremost step is to organise content before delivering manuscript.


Following are the points to be kept in mind for organising the content:

  • Is the content organised in a coherent fashion to facilitate understanding?
  • Are ideas presented in the manuscript developed and related in a logical sequence?
  • Are transitions between discussions easy to follow and smooth?
  • Does the content consistent with the purpose of the paper?
  • Are discussions free of multiple repeats and redundancies?
  • Would certain changes improve the organisation?


The other point of consideration while submitting the manuscript, is whether the originality has been maintained or not while submitting the papers. Certain points to be discussed here are that

  • Does the paper present innovative, or insightful information?
  • Is material presented in unique way?


A thorough approach has to be maintained while giving references in the manuscript. Following points need to be considered:

  • Are primary rather than secondary references used?
  • Do they represent authoritative sources of information?
  • Have all pertinent references been cited?

The content for manuscript has to be organized in the following manner

  • If the manuscript is acceptable, the reviewer should indicate its

relevance and priority for publication.

  • If the manuscript needs revision, the reviewer should detail the necessary changes.
  • If the manuscript is not acceptable, the reviewer should specify the reasons why it is not suitable for publication.

One needs to keep it in mind that certain aspects of a manuscript that need to be examined for organizing the content are accuracy, appeal, attribution, balance of opinion etc.

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