The Means of Research

Research is a part of academic life that is inevitable, if you need to earn a degree, you need to carry out a research. It may seem simple in theory, but the process is quite extensive and should be done in various ways so that the research seems wholesome and evolved and is aptly credited. There are a number of ways in which a research can be undertaken; here are the few popular means:

  • Reading through journals and research papers is one way to create a new research. It is important to realise that the knowledge of what exists is important to enhance the quality of a research. Re-inventing the wheel does not work when it comes to creating a research.
  • Asking experts and speaking to those who know is another method of creating a research. This is the kind of information that may be termed as exclusive and may hold more weightage in the process of an evaluation.
  • Case studies also make for excellent research materials. They help in understanding the subject matter in a more practical and realistic sense, as compared to an assumption.
  • Discussions on open forums are a major source of information for a lot of research aspirants. In open forums, you are likely to come across various types of people and may be able to get information that would not be available anywhere else in the course of research.
  • Creation of surveys and questionnaires is also an extremely effective way to research a subject. With the surveys and questionnaires you can create a study of the subject and represent it in statistical terms by ways of graphical representations.

Carrying out a research is a matter of great perseverance as well as responsibility. A research becomes a source of information for others who read it, which is why doing it in a versatile manner is the best way to do it.

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Puneet Chadha
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Puneet Chadha is the first generation entrepreneur and have founded companies like ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd and EMarketz India Pvt Ltd. He is keenly interested in doctorate research assistance, open access journals, digital marketing and web technology. He has mentored over 120 PhD candidates in US and Canada in the last five years. He is a renowned speaker on digital marketing and open access research publishing and has attended 50 workshops on these themes.

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