The Significance of Referencing in Research Writing

In academic writing referencing is a matter of honor and pride. It is the best policy to acknowledge the intellectual contribution of other authors. It is perfectly acceptable to share the words and ideas of other researchers but you must nevertheless acknowledge their contribution in your dissertation even if it was merely an inspiration. Even more importantly the acknowledgment of your reference should be as accurate as possible, leaving no room for error. This assures that the readers can trace the source of the information. Including references is a great way to showcase the authority of your own material. By including references you also show the readers if you have included the up-to-date in your field of research and the presence of any seminal work in your niche.

Use Endnote or any other software to make sure that you have the correct list of your reference when reading and researching for your dissertation. The software is highly effective in helping you manage these references. Most of this software is free, some do come with paid or premium features. These tools empower you to organize and annotate documents in one place, even search for latest science and technology jobs and follow the research story of your favorite subject.

Referencing is a slave of the style of referencing that must be followed according to the academic standards of your university. There is a plethora of referencing style that is determined by the academic department. Citation style could be APA (an author-date system), Vancouver (a numbered system) or a Chicago (a notes-bibliography system) and much more. Also, there is the in-text citation, which is extremely popular. Citations are most appropriately placed within the body of the text. Additionally, the in-text citation is also followed by a full bibliographic detail that follows in the “Reference” section of your dissertation.

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Puneet Chadha
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