Why apt headers are must for literature review

Headlines do make impact on readers’ mind! Pick up any newspaper or magazine, and the first thing you’ll notice is the headline. There are copy editors who are putting a great deal of time and care into developing the right combination of words. This helps in synthesising the facts of stories. They also help to echo the tones of the writers and to woo readers with interesting tales. No matter which is the publications, titles carry the same importance. However, the manuscript author must act as both article composer and title writer extraordinaire.  He should know how to craft a compelling title for an article as it requires creativity and concentration. The sharp headlines lead to the following benefits:

Clarity in thoughts
A clear headline brings clarity in mind about what you are reading. “Clarity trumps just about everything else,” said Ralph A. Bradshaw, co-editor of MCP once. So the general consensus is that the authors, while crafting titles, should keep it in mind that complex ideas should be clearly communicated in a small space. This helps the reader to have clarity in his mind on the subject.
If you use an acronym in a manuscript title, make sure that it is one that has been acceptable by the publication to which you are submitting papers.  Or else, it might be rejected.

Helps to set tune with the audience
A clear headline also helps in setting the tune with the audience.  In general, the rules followed for good writing must also apply for titles. This means that the authors should employ active voice rather than passive voice.  Another rule for effective composition is to use lively and descriptive verbs.  This will help you in creating a bond with the audience you are trying to engage.

Avoids confusion
Avoid problematic, lengthy and convoluted word combinations as they might create confusion in readers’ mind.

Gives direct message
A straight headline gives straight message. So while writing titles, one should keep it in mind that the titles are brief. As we know, everything communicated on Twitter, must be done in 140 characters or fewer. So try to talk about making every word count! This will give a direct message on readers’ mind.

Therefore, the crux of the story is that we should keep headlines apt because if all elements are not deliberately and skillfully shaped, all other important paragraphs of the review may fail to get the desired attention.

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